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     Welcome to the Local 56 website. Established in 1918, B.R.S. Local 56 represents Communications and Signal employees working for the Long Island Rail Road. Local 56 has been resolute in the establishment and protection of the rights and working conditions of it's represented employees, and will continue to be so in an uncertain and ever changing environment.

To learn more about the the history of the Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen click here.

Sully O'Sullivan 7:56am Oct 20
Dear Local 56 Members,

We have BRS brothers and sisters from NJ Transit that have asked for some help in a fundraiser. Just as a side note, although we were glad to have avoided going on strike, our BRS counterparts at NJ Transit and Amtrak were ready to step up and volunteer with some very clever and legal tactics to help preserve our picket lines in and around Penn Station. During a conversation immediately after we settled, this fundraiser came up in conversation and a few of us said we'd like to help out.

A little girl named Rylee Vogel is part of the BRS family from NJ Transit with a rare immune deficiency. She's a fighter and she stays positive and doesn't question why she has this condition. On Sunday October 26 there is a charity walk in NYC and the friends and family of Rylee on Team Vogel are trying to be the top fundraiser. I'm hoping that we can raise some funds for them with some small, modest donations to help put them over the top. Here is the link for Team Vogel:

LIRR Retroactive Wage Adjustments & Examples

For Retro check deferred compensation seminar info click here.

The time has come for vacation picks. Please fill out the appropriate paperwork and submit it to your foreman no later than 8:00 a.m. on Friday, October 31st, 2014. Click on the links below for form and more detailed information.

2015 Vacation Selection Memo

2015 Vacation Calendar

2015 Vacation Selection Sheet

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Due to a printing error members are being issued new ballots for the upcoming elections, and stating a change regarding the date of the meeting. 
click on link below for more details. 

Ballot/Elections meeting revisions

Next  Regular Meeting/Elections:
Date: October 22, 2014
Time: 5:30 pm.
Location: The Hibernian Hall, Babylon.


We would like to thank all who attended the Hope For Jesse Fundraiser and everyone else that helped to make the event happen. Special thanks should go out to the following:

    John Rogers for the use of his establishment and the discounted offerings

DEADSWITCH with special guest drummer Vito & his sister Cathy Gabriele on vocals for providing some of the evenings entertainment.

And especially Harry Bauman who can serve as an example for us all in putting together this worthy cause.

Click here for more pictures from the Hope For Jesse fundraiser.


Click here for link to BRS Local 56 group on Facebook


Online forms are now available at the Local 56 website
It is now possible to fill out & print out Sick, Personal and Bereavement forms via our website, just visit the "Useful Information" page or click on the link below.

Click here to read letter from the Chief Engineer regarding daily work assignments and expectations.

Signal Department Notices

Click here for forms

For LIRR al-Qaida Security Alert information Click here.


Click here to visit our "Safety" page



If interested to learn more about the PEB process and where we are at click here.

Have you ever wondered where the work rules we enjoy today came from? Obviously they didn't come about via the benevolence of the carrier, they had to be fought for and earned. Click on the link below to learn more.

Click here for a brief history of the Section 6 & the L.I.R.R.



Click here for more political cartoons.


For a look back at what needed to take place to get the Long Beach branch back up and running, click on the link below. Well done to our union brothers!

Click here for Rebuilding Long Beach video link

Click here for video, "Communications and Signal Systems, Then and Now".

The Power of Nature- Video of a washout in progress- Takes place in northern Ontario, near Folyet. *Warning,some explicit language. Turn off sound if necessary*



Show your solidarity amongst your fellow Communications and Signal brothers by wearing anything BRS on Fridays.

We want your input. If you have any comments or concerns regarding the local please send them to us by typing into the box below. All entries will be kept confidential:

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Know Your Rights!
If any carrier representative attempts to ask you questions that you feel could possibly lead to discipline, you may refuse to answer till you have a union representative present that has had the opportunity to discuss matters with you first.
Know your rights! 
The carrier is under no obligation to tell you that you may have a representative present, you must request one. Also, once you have made your request they are not allowed to continue the questioning or try to talk you out of your representation.
Remember, we're in this together.

East Side Acces Project, click on photo for more picutures.

News & Events

Some retirees being re-certified for disability benefits have been dropped from health benefit coverage. To learn more click hear or visit News page.

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We want you...
Attend local lodge meetings, the more you participate, the stronger we will be.

L.I.R.R. Flu Vaccine Program Details

If anyone has any ideas for information that they would like added to this page please contact a union official.

LIRR Winter Storm Safety

DId you know that Local 56 officials attend L.I.R.R. Safety meetings on a monthly basis? Most often they are attended by Anthony Izzo and James Sokolowski, who have been very active within the committee and as a result have been able to address many safety issues over the years. 
If any members have safety concerns, they can email them directly to our Safety Committee representatives by filling out the form provided below.