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We Have A Contract, We Have Ratification!

Thanks to the hard work of our LIRR union leadership and the invaluable assistance of Governor Cuomo we have finally come to a "meeting of the minds" with the MTA.

For a summary of the contract please click on the link below

Contract Reached July 2014

The PEB Process

Although we are all hopeful for a resolution without having to go through the entire Section 9a PEB process, the deadlines for how that process  pursuant to the RLA would unfold is as follows, although it is possible for the parties to alter the schedule by agreement.

Thurs. November 21, 2013

Creation of the First PEB – this begins the first 120-day cooling-off period


Sat. December 21, 2013

Deadline for the First PEB to issue its report (the report will issue on this date even though the deadline falls on a Saturday).


Mon. January 20, 2014

Deadline for the NMB to hold its public hearing where the parties must explain why the PEB report has not been accepted – because this deadline falls on MLK Day, the hearing would presumably be held during the week before.


Fri. March 21, 2014

Initial 120-day cooling off period expires/deadline for creating the Second PEB.


Sun. April 20, 2014

Deadline for the parties to submit final offers to the Second PEB (this deadline falls on Easter Sunday so the parties might agree to a different date).


Tuesday May 20, 2014

Deadline for the Second PEB to issue its report/beginning of final 60-day cooling-off period.


Saturday July 19, 2014 

The final cooling-off period expires at the end of the day.

Click here to read letter from the Chief Engineer - Expectations



Some Retirees being re-certified by R. R. Retirement for disability benefits have been dropped from health benefit coverage.

LIRR has received calls from several retirees and union representatives indicating that some retirees who are being re-certified by Railroad Retirement for disability annuity benefits have been dropped from health benefit coverage.
The confusion appears to relate to those retirees who were dropped from Medicare coverage by Railroad Retirement while they re-certify for disability annuity benefits.
The MTA has contacted NYSHIP to see if this issue can be institutionally corrected.  
In the interim,  retirees  can contact NYSHIP directly at 1-800-833-4344.  NYSHIP may request  a copy of the letter  received from Railroad Retirement by retirees in July 2013.  NYSHIP will then correct its records and be reinstated as the retirees primary health benefit provider.

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