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Sick Leave / Point System Information

Procedure For Documenting Points:


    An employee who experiences an absence will have the  following

    point schedule applied to his /her attendance record.


* For defenition of terms see bottom of page.


A.    Absence with points


       1.       Absence known (AK) – six (6) points.  


       2.   Absence Unauthorized (AU) - nine (9) points 


a)   When an employee is going to be out D/S, if he/she does not call within the applicable time period before their scheduled tour of duty the employee will be assessed (9) points for an AU for that occurrence (Providing there are no other violations of the ACP), except that Train/Engine, Train Movement and Yardmasters will be charged similar to a Run Failure/Article 17 violation.


b)   An employee who is D/A or D/S and is required

      to submit a sick leave form and fails to provide

      a completed form within the contractual time

      period, such employee shall be considered as

      violating the applicable CBA, and such absence

      shall be considered as Absence Unauthorized. The

      employee will be assessed an additional nine (9)

      points for the absence. (Employee will be assessed

      five (5) points for the D/S occurrence plus nine (9)

      points for failure to submit a sick form (AU) , for a

      total of fourteen (14) points.


 3.   Early Quits (EQ) – four (4) points


 4.   Injury (D/A) – five (5) points


 5.   Late Starts (LS) – four (4) points


 6.   Sick (D/S) – five (5) points


a)    If an employee out D/S gives proper notification every day or in accordance with established departmental practice, when he/she is out sick, only five (5) points are assigned for the occurrence, regardless of length.

b)    When an employees status changes between D/A and D/S, he/she will not be assessed additional points for the absence because it is considered as one occurrence.


                         7.   Lost Guarantee – nine (9) points


 8.   Unauthorized Sick (US) – nine (9) points, in addition to 

     the assessed  five (5) points for the DS occurrence.


     An employee is considered out US if not available when   called or visited. The employee will be assessed an additional nine (9) points for each day absent when called and not available. (Employee will be assessed five (5) points for the DS occurrence plus nine (9) points for not being home when called or visited (US), for a total of fourteen (14) points.)



     Schedule of Excessive Points


Employees whose attendance records indicate an accumulation of points in accordance with the following schedule may be disciplined for violation of this policy.


a.       Twelve (12) or more points during a one (1) month period


b.       Eighteen (18) or more points during a three (3) month period


c.       Twenty-four (24) or more points during a six (6) month period


d.       Thirty (30) or more points during a twelve (12) month period



     The accumulation of points is based on a per occurrence basis, not

     the number of days absent.


     Points are accumulated on a rolling (i.e., ongoing not a calendar) basis.


     Discipline based on the point system is not automatic. Department  

     Heads or Designees may use discretion as to whether it is appropriate

     to discipline an employee.


     Evaluation of attendance for patterns of absence, such as the repeat

     occurrences of taking days off in conjunction with relief days,

     vacations, personal days, or other approved time may also be

     considered as criteria for the discipline process. 






     An employee out sick one or two days prior to a relief day must notify

     his/her department prior to the relief day of their return to duty from

     their illness. That person must make themselves available for the relief

     days. If notification to the department is not made the relief days will be

     considered part of that sick leave claim and a doctor’s statement will

     be required.


     The first three days of lost time following an on duty accident or injury

     will be paid and the three days will be deducted from the employee’s

     sick leave bank.





     EQ: Employee leaves before end of tour of duty& notifies appropriate supervisor.


     LS: Employee reports to duty after required start time.


     AK: Employee notifies the appropriate supervisor he/she needs a day off without pay due to emergency.


     DS: Employee calls off sick.


     AU: Failure to call off sick one(1) hour or more prior to the start of tour.


     DA: Employee is off injured.


     AWOL: Employee fails to report to duty at the required time or  leaving the jobsite early without giving proper notification to the appropriate supervisor.