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For TA and OA members, this means a retroactive 3-percent increase to Jan. 16, 2011. For MTA Bus members, the increase becomes effective on schedule – April 1, 2011.
This also means a rollback of employee contributions on health care to a flat 1.5 percent based on 40 hours -- with full retroactivity to Aug. 15, 2009 for TA and OA, and Dec. 1, 2009 for MTA Bus.

Local 100 President John Samuelsen called the court’s decision “an important win for transit workers and the collective bargaining process.”

The MTA has spent the past two years in a costly series of challenges that they knew they could not win. We’re extremely happy that the legal fight is behind us, and that the workers will begin receiving the wage increase they so richly deserve.”

Samuelsen added that the Court’s ruling validates the leadership’s decision to hold fast against the MTA’s attempt to hold transit jobs hostage to the 3 percent increase.

“Most of the members laid off last year are back on the job, or soon will be,” said Samuelsen, “and they, as well as thousands of their brother and sister transit workers will all enjoy the benefits of the union’s fight to preserve our contract and our wage increase.”

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